How Would You Like To Earn Passive Crypto Income?

Earn an Amazing 250% Return! 100% Passive Paid Daily...


Introducing QubitLife

QubitLife was established by a group of independent experts in algorithmic and manual methods of asset management, together with acknowledged specialists in the field of development and administration of electronic systems with extensive experience from the traditional financial markets.

How You Can Start Earning Daily Rewards

You can start earning your first day and get paid daily rewards

100% Passive

Now you can have your own Personal Professional Trader... trading for you...

Earn On Average Over 25% Per Month In Returns

Start letting your money earn you on average around 25% per month

Quantum trading

Passive income 25%

Investment in BTC/ETH

Affiliate bonus up to 20%

Matching bonus up to 30%

Key Features


All licenses range from $100 to 100k. You can buy as many licenses as you wish. 

250% ROI

For each license you buy, you will guarantee yourself a profit of 250% of your invested amount with a whopping 25% profit EACH MONTH.


Payouts occur every single day. You earn money every day, and you can withdraw them whenever you want.  






Average Daily Payout Up to 2%

Daily payout varies based on daily performance. Can be up to 2% per day. Averages 25% per month.

Payout Days Per Week 7

Payouts are 7 days per week. You earn every single day.

Is Your Capital Returned at the End of the Term? YES

Your capital is included in the daily payouts. License continues to payout until you have earned 250%.

Term Of Investment Until Your License Achieves 250% ROI

Each license continues to payout until you reach a 250% return on your license level. You would then repurchase.

Is Recruitment (sponsoring) Required? NO

Absolutely not. You can choose to be 100% passive if you wish. Zero sponsoring is required.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount & Frequency $10

Minimum withdrawal amount is only $10. You can withdraw 7 days a week. There is a 2.5% withdrawal fee.

Completely Passive Or Is Action Required? PASSIVE

You can choose to be completely passive and still earn a 250% ROI.

Is there a referral program YES

One of the smartest and lucrative comp plans you will see. Pays out in many different ways. You may get spillover too.

Is 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) Required? NO

KYC is not required. You can join under any name you wish.

Excluded Countries YES

USA and Canada are currently excluded. A VPN can be used to join from anywhere in the world. No problem.

Minimum Investment $100

Licenses range from $100 to 100K. You can buy as many different licenses as you wish.

When Did The Company Start? Summer 2020

This company is just getting off the launching pad and has attracted the top leaders in the world. Most impressive!